• NEWS - 25/22/10 - Journal of Space-Weather and Space Climate

    We are happy to announce the birth of a new journal devoted to these disciplines: the "Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate" (SWSC) - http://www.swsc-journal.org.

    The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate is an international multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary open access journal, which publishes papers on all aspects of space weather and space climate. Coverage includes, but is not limited to

    • fundamental and applied scientific research including theory, observation, data analysis, modelling, and prediction.
    • technical applications and engineering solutions
    • impact on humans and technology in space, in the air, at sea and on land
    • societal and economic implications
    • educational and dissemination concepts and experiences
    • development of user-targeted products and services
    • scientific, technical, political and commercial initiatives

    SWSC accepts manuscripts related to space weather and to space climate from a broad range of fields including solar physics, space plasma physics, aeronomy, planetology, radio science, informatics, geophysics, biology, medicine, astronautic, aeronautic and electrical engineering, meteorology, climatology, mathematics, and economics.

    The first issue will be published in 2011, but - being an electronic-only journal - papers will be published once accepted and converted into the SWSC standard format. We invite you to submit articles to this new international journal. Publications will be free of charge until an impact factor is determined.

  • First Announcement: 3rd Soteria General Meeting, May 2011

    The 3rd General Meeting of SOTERIA will be held in Leuven, Belgium, on May. For more info click here.

  • First Announcement: Capacity Building Workshop, February 2011

    The Capaciy Building Workshop will be held in Brussels, Belgium, at R.O.B. from 14/02/2011 to 16/02/2011. Details info will be available soon.

SOTERIA Consortium

SOTERIA aims at creating a wide synergy in the fields of solar-space and geo-physics among different centers in a number of European countries to achieve a higher level of quality and accessibility for the observational data and for the models. Our goal is to help creating the basis for a deeper understanding of solar and space processes having terrestrial impact.

  • Coordinator: prof. G. Lapenta
  • K.U. Leuven
  • Univ. of Graz
  • Space Research Center
  • Konkoly Observatory
  • CNRS
  • Royal Observatory of Belgium
  • Observatory of Paris
  • Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics
  • Technical Univ. of Denmark
  • University of Oulu
  • University of Göttingen
  • Hvar Observatory - Faculty of Geodesy
  • Noveltis Sas
  • Lebedev Physical Institute
  • IEEA
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